Linnaea Farm Line Art, linnaea borealis

About us


Linnaea Design sits on an old homestead in the Animas Valley of Southwest Colorado. After Marje Cristol and Duncan Rothwell bought the property, they replaced their lawns with flowerbeds and filled the orchard with blossoming shrubs and beehives. They planted the gardens with flowers inspired by Dutch Masters' paintings and the ephemeral, high mountain wildflowers of Colorado.

The flowers became a palette for expression, whether held in the hands of a lovely bride, gracing dining tables at a special event, or as a work of art, created for the pleasure of the moment.

Linnaea designs are described as luscious and romantic, airy and ethereal, whimsical and quirky. 


" It is the wonder I have for the creation of such intricate beauty from a simple seed that leads to my love of floral design and gives me my creative voice."